A wonderful day today celebrating 35 years of the Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners & weavers Group Inc.

We also dedicated our library to Caryl Callcott, a treasured friend and sorely missed, forever in our memories.

Thank you to all the Callcott family members for attending.

A day of shared memories, reminiscing, socializing

and celebration.


3 thoughts on “35 YEAR CELEBRATION

  1. It was a lovely day and thanks got to Donner and her crew for the organisation and running of this event.
    It was so good to see Bill and Family join with us today.

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  2. I am so glad that you have dedicated the library to Caryl. She was a most caring, giving person and an incredible supporter of the club. I have an oven mitt she has made and I cannot bring myself to use it (lest it be stained!). It’s such a lovely memory of her. I miss her a lot, as you all do, I’m sure.
    So glad that I have found your website. Well done! You now have an “internet presence” and people don’t have to find you via New Zealand and Bisbane (as I did, way back, ha!).
    Fondest greetings all the way from Canada…..

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