Beautiful shawls

More beautiful hand crafted shawls to show off. Sharon wearing her scarf exchange shawl, it is nuno felted.

The lovely Erica visiting our club, showed us her stunning knitted shawl. It is hand painted baby camel and silk fibre, hand spun and hand knitted.




Our group recently started a monthly weaving day. We look forward to seeing what is created.

Looks like Philip had a head start.

Jacquie is modelling her scarf from the scarf exchange.

Scarf exchange return

Well it was in January our members sent away fibre, to be made up by other crafters.

Finally today we received our fibre back, created into scarfs, bags and hats that were either felted, crocheted or knitted. Everyone was very happy, I got a bag that can also be worn as a hat, cool or warm!

Many of our members went to lunch to fare well Shirley who is returning to New Zealand, brrrrr……!


We have all been busy crafting, our Friday group with tapestry weaving, Sam and Roger spinning a yarn, Donna forever rolling felt, bye bye to yarn bombing for another year.

Roger made himself a fantastic spinning wheel. Well turned Roger.

Yarn Bombing Mudgeeraba

Today our group yarn bombed the Village Green in Mudgeeraba for the D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards. Come and see the incredible art on display at the Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall and sit in the park and look at the yarn Bombing. Special thanks for helping , John, Anna, Jacqie, Therese, Madeline, Bonnie, Yu, Donna, Dharia and Annette.





Mudgeeraba Show

Great weekend at the Mudgeeraba Show. We are in our own Pavilion, lots of crafts and handmade items to see.

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Cotton and mandalas

Anna ginning her home grown cotton. Her Italian husband was excited when she came home with a pasta maker, thought he was going to be getting home made pasta – wrong!!
Great to see Shirley here for the winter!


Some very busy members, Janny  and others made mandalas for the yarn bombing.