Felt fun

Some completed felt items Scarf layout of merino wool and scraps of silk fabric scrunched up to add to texture. An original unique scarf. Felting day is the first Wednesday of the month.

Felted wool and silk scarf.
Scrappy felt scarf before rolling

February show and tell

Some of the beautiful handcrafts made by our members. Lorraine has been spinning, natural dying and knitting. The shawl is dyed with avocado and the wool and alpaca give the different colours. The vest was dyed with fishbone fern

Bonnie is going to be a great grandmother, she has been busy knitting up her stash. That will be one trendy well loved bubba.

Donna has processed her home grown cotton ready for spinning. Lots of spinning practice first.

Felt like rapping the woven spin

Lots of lovely craft this week from Donna, Sam and Pam

A skein from Sam, 2 different shades plied together, just what I ordered! And his woven table runner, started off as a scarf, but that’s a whole other story!

Donna’s felted wrap, nuno felted with merino/silk batts and added sari silk and hand spun, felted onto cotton voile.