Scarf exchange 19

A beautiful lacy knitted shawl made by Erica. Erica made this from fibre she received thru the scarf exchange. It will be sent back to the recipient, and Erica will have her fibre returned in a scarf made by someone else.IMG_20190508_094251~2


Crafty ladies

Here are some completed projects made by our members. Jacquie has crocheted freeform fringing onto a wool blanket, for a raffle at our annual spinning retreat,

Iris has knitted a colourful blanket for one of her many great grand children.

Anna modelling another crochet cotton top from hand dyed ginned cotton.

Brilliant craft ladies, well done.

Pretty projects

Many members showed off their recently completed projects at our last club day.

Madeline needle felted a beautiful angel, Donna pranced around in the nuno felted, double sided silk wrap she made for the club to raffle at the upcoming spinning camp in April. Glenda crocheted a lovely shawl for the scarf exchange and Jeanette knitted a colourful Nightshift shawl.

What’s that Deborah is doing, oh my goodness she is knitting with commercial yarn ! No wonder she is in the naughty corner. It looks great Deborah. Lots of fun.



This amazing Korowai was made by Bonnie. She presented it to her grandson on his graduation.

The Korowai is hand woven in a Taniko pattern using tussah silk and merino wool. Natural dye from onion skins was used with different mordants, to make the colours. The ochre represents Australia, the green represents New Zealand and the blue represents the ocean between the two countries. The feathers are from N.Z. and China.

A truly amazing Korowai handmade with love.