Yarn Bombing Mudgeeraba

Today our group yarn bombed the Village Green in Mudgeeraba for the D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards. Come and see the incredible art on display at the Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall and sit in the park and look at the yarn Bombing. Special thanks for helping , John, Anna, Jacqie, Therese, Madeline, Bonnie, Yu, Donna, Dharia and Annette.






Mudgeeraba Show

Great weekend at the Mudgeeraba Show. We are in our own Pavilion, lots of crafts and handmade items to see.

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Cotton and mandalas

Anna ginning her home grown cotton. Her Italian husband was excited when she came home with a pasta maker, thought he was going to be getting home made pasta – wrong!!
Great to see Shirley here for the winter!


Some very busy members, Janny  and others made mandalas for the yarn bombing.

On ya bike

Today we had lots of fun yarn bombing a bike. Thanks to all the members who helped out, the bike looks groovy, funky, baby. The bike will be on display at the D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards in the Mudgeeraba  Memorial Hall from June 27. Our group also yarn bombs the trees in the near by Village Green.  Jacquie and Anna have created some colourful crochet bollard toppers. See you among the riot of colour in Mudgeeraba at the end of June.